About us

O My Home consists of a team of professionals with different qualities. Our goal is to offer a quality assortment at outlet prices. With us you will find both well-known and lesser known AAA brands.

Personal service will always be one of our strongest assets. We do our best not only to hire enthusiastic employees, but also to keep them satisfied to the point where they can give their best to you, our customer.

Why you choose OmyHome:

transparency: with us there are no hidden snags. We communicate clearly that we do not accept returns on outlet products. On other products we do and if something should be our fault, we take our responsibility. In other words, we strive for optimal customer satisfaction.
– Speed: all our products are already inside Europe.
– Economical shipping: we do not charge any extra for this.
– Wide range: choose from more than (x) articles for your kitchen, bathroom and floors.
Personalized service: visit our showroom or call us at +32 472 912 742 Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.


Can I return an item? 

If it is not an outlet product, you can. Contact our customer service by email with photo and your order number.

How fast can you deliver?

All our products come from Europe and are in stock, we always inform you the delivery time for each chosen item.

Do I need to have a concrete idea before visiting your showroom?

Absolutely not, although this will help you, of course. After all, you need to feel comfortable and everything should be decorated according to your personal desire and taste. Our free consultation is purely intended to make you generate new ideas while helping you select the materials and suitable forms to furnish your available area as ideally as possible according to your budget.

What added value will my house generate if I have it redecorated? 

Remodeling your home costs money, but it also normally generates a lot. Obtaining an increase in value when redecorating your home can have very different results. First of all, it depends on your geographical location, the year of construction, available living space, etc. Having a clean, functional bathroom and kitchen is a plus. The trendy content of these last two spaces can make the calculation to your advantage or disadvantage. Young starters can no longer borrow as much for renovations as in the past. This makes them eager to purchase a home with functional bathroom and kitchen so that they only have to change it to their own taste a few years later.